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With Almighty’s Grace and Blessings, both of our Temples are flourishing well, and are attracting more and more devotees every day. This is mainly due to the serene and peaceful atmosphere is being created by providing religious, humanitarian, cultural, and educational resources to all the devotees. All the credit goes to the selfless and dedicated devotees/volunteers.


Our Temple big motto is CHARITY … Why it is so gratifying?  Why it is so important in our lives.   It makes you feel good and gives immense pleasure by end of the day, it strengthens personal values, it introduces our children to generosity, and eventually encourages our friends and family to do the same for good deeds. 

d?tavyam iti yad d?na? d?yate 'nupak?ri?e

de?he k?le cha p?tre cha tad d?na? s?ttvika? sm?itam

~ Bhagavad Gita, Ch 17, V 20


“From the wealth you have earned by rightful means, take out one-tenth, and as a matter of duty, give it away in charity. Dedicate your charity for the pleasure of God", states Skanda Purana.


Since the inception of these two beautiful Temples, many charitable activities are initiated with the help of selfless devotees and are adding new services every year. 


SANDWICH SEVA:  Since the opening of the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in 2008, Temple volunteers/devotees have been preparing and delivering meal bags on Sundays to Salvation Army.  Each meal bag is packed with a Sandwich, a Banana, a Cookie, a Chips packet, and a water bottle.  About 24,000 meal bags are delivered every year through generous donations from Temple devotees.